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The Town of Brant, New York was founded on March 25, 1839. It is located in western New York, in Erie County near Lake Erie approximately 30 miles south of Buffalo. Its name was derived from a Mohican chief named Joseph Brandt. Inhabited by Native Americans, the very First white settler was Moses Tucker. Moses was a Quaker, and purchased a farm in 1816.

Transportation in the early 1800's was by horse and buggy, stagecoach, and carriages and trolley cars.. The main source of employment was farm work. Most ladies stayed home and cooked and cleaned.

A pot-bellied stove heated the old school room. The teacher had the chore of starting the stove or hired help started it. The first teacher was Julia Bradley in 1823. The first school was built north of Brant center called Brant district #1. Samuel Butts donated the land in 1848. The Brant Elementary School today opened in 1936. The school was built between 1923 and 1926. It had one room and one teacher. Children of all ages were taught in one room.

Brant is an agricultural center and supplies such commodities as corn, grapes, strawberries, tomatoes, peas, peppers, and farm crops. Local Government includes Fire department, post office, school, town hall, and the police station. Residents are able to use the fire hall for weddings and bingo. The Town Park provides recreation for all ages such as day camp, swimming, baseball, kick ball, tennis, and basketball. To learn about how Brant got its name continue reading.

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