about About the SCEC

The Southtowns Community Enhancement Coalition, otherwise known as the "Southtowns Coalition" consists of the Towns of Brant, Collins, Concord, Eden, Evans, North Collins and the Villages of Angola, Farnham, North Collins.

Dedicated to our mission:
"To Promote sustainable economic growth including agriculture and tourism throughout the Southtowns region."

The Coalition works on programs such as, community outreach, governmental outreach and tourism. In addition, the Coalition runs the Southtowns Farm Trail to promote community assets, tourism sites, member farms and business.

The Southtowns of Erie County is very fortunate to have an abundance of diverse agriculture related assets. The Southtowns Community Enhancement Coalition continues to develop projects to leverage our economic growth potential through tourism, community outreach and governmental outreach to develop a sustainable strategy for tourism and economic development and an improved quality of life. The Coalition is a501(c) 3 non-profit organization.